Community Event First Aid Service Northants

Village fetes, fairs, galas and so many community events attract crowds. First aid tents are often the ‘go-to’ place for comfort and treatment. Often we use our response vehicle as our first aid base, it is visual and easy to find.

We provide first aid cover for community events, whether it is a traditional bonfire fireworks display, Easter Gala and Parade, Church Fete, School Fete, we can cover it.

event first aid Northants

More often than not, you don’t need expensive first aid cover, but you do need good value first aid cover and that is where we come in.

Our community event medics will slot perfectly into your event, like we belong, and provide the warm, friendly first aid that can make your event memorable for the right reasons.

Even minor incidents like wasp stings, trips and falls can ruin a nice day out but we can be there to render comfort and support.

event first aid northants

We can also provide full NHS type specification ambulances either static for onsite use only or for patient transport to hospital. the latter would be CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered ambulances by our professional industry partners.

Tel: 033 333 92223